Where SFU was once an exclusively commuter campus – only accessible by private automobile or public transit, the development of UniverCity is helping to create a pedestrian-oriented community. An extensive network of trails and pathways allows residents to walk or cycle to school, work, shopping, recreation, and other amenities. And half of all UniverCity commuters leave their car at home.

Sustainable Transportation now

With a transit hub located in the centre of the community served by four bus routes, UniverCity residents have access to convenient and frequent transit services. In 2006, SFU Community Trust, Vancity Financial Services, and Translink collaborated to launch a Community Transit Pass Program designed to boost ridership in the growing community. The first of its kind in North America, the pass offered residents unlimited travel on the regional transit network at a highly discounted price. Ending on December 31st, 2011, the program encouraged transit usage to the point that 25 per cent of UniverCity residents enrolled and nearly 40 per cent use transit regularly. That is double the Metro Vancouver average.

Residents also have access to community automobiles on an hourly or daily basis through a number of car share options at UniverCity.

Sustainable transit for tomorrow

The Trust is currently examining options for the development of a Burnaby Mountain Urban Transit Gondola, linking UniverCity and SFU to the regional rapid transit network.

The first of its kind in Canada, this high-speed transit gondola would reduce travel times by almost half, even as it saved money in diesel bus operations and maintenance.

A gondola would also cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 7,000 tonnes annually, among other benefits:

TranksLink released a business case study in January that affirms the potential for this innovative service alternative. While the business case is sound, the gondola project will not proceed until regional transit priorities are committed, concerns raised by the residential community have been considered, funding is secured, and the project is included in a strategic transportation plan after additional public consultation and Mayor’s Council approval.

Transportation at UniverCity

Car Share – UniverCity residents have three options for car share company services in the community. Through Evo, MODO Car Co-op, and Zipcar, residents have access to shared automobiles on an hourly or daily basis (fees apply). Parking stalls are currently available on the Cornerstone Mews in The Cornerstone building as well as in the CentreBlock building on University High Street.


Click here to view a comparision chart of the car sharing services available at UniverCity.
Click here to view a map of the car sharing locations at UniverCity.

Electric Vehicles – There are four electric vehicle charging statins are located in the P1 level parking lot of The Cornerstone Building.  Electric car charging stations are just one of the many world-class amenities that are now available on Your Mountain.

Transit – Currently four bus routes serve Burnaby Mountain providing frequent and convenient service to locations throughout the Lower Mainland. Please visit for schedule, route, and fare information.

Walking and Hiking – Burnaby Mountain has an extensive trail system, ranging from easy to challenging hikes. The City of Burnaby has various walking, hiking, and biking trail maps that show a range of trails within SFU property and in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation area. Click here for a map of trails within SFU property and in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation area. Click here for the 2017 City of Burnaby Bike map.