Residents of UniverCity are also residents of the City of Burnaby, and so enjoy all the benefits afforded other residents of this vibrant and growing city of more than 200,000.

Engineering Services

Engineering services include: construction and maintenance of the roads, waterworks, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage systems; snow removal on streets; provision of refuse and recycling collection programs; and the installation and maintenance of traffic signals and street lights.

Finance Services

City of Burnaby finance services include coordinating the city’s ongoing financial planning activities, administering the City’s licensing programs, and administering the collection of municipal property taxes.

Planning And Building Services

Planning services oversee matters related to current and future land use housing, the environment, transportation, heritage, and social policy. It also enforces bylaws and co-ordinates and regulates development and construction activities.

Recreation And Cultural Services

Recreation and cultural services include management and maintenance of park space, recreational facilities, and fine arts and cultural facilities.

More information on City of Burnaby services and contact information for city departments can be found on the City of Burnaby’s website.