The Living Building Challenge

Considered the greenest building standard in the world, the Living Building Challenge™ – setting out conditions for buildings that have virtually no ecological footprint. UniverCity has recently completed construction of what is designed to be the first building in Canada to meet the challenge: the UniverCity Childcare Centre

Green Up, Cost Down


Generation Green

LBC_GenerationGreen_Cover_web Generation Green: The Making of the UniverCity Childcare Centre, a book from the Living Future Institute’s publishing division celebrates what is expected to be the first building in Canada to be certified as a Living Building. Generation Green showcases a brilliant pairing of inoovative design and deep green construction.  The first Canadian entry in Ecotone Publishing’s Living Building Challenge series, the 168-page, lavishly illustrated book documents how the UniverCity community leadership proved that you can meet the highest environmental building standards on the continent and do so for less than it would cost to build a conventional childcare.

Generation Green is available for purchase at the SFU Community Trust office and on the Ecotone Publishing website.